Diabetes and Food - Better Health From Better Food Choices

Diabetes and food go hand-in-hand and you can learn how to use food to better manage and control diabetes or reduce your risk of developing the condition. By learning about different foods that lower blood sugar and following the recommended diabetes food guide you will discover that eating for a diabetic condition does not mean you must deprive yourself of your favorite foods or go through life feeling unsatisfied, in fact, the diabetic diet is similar in many ways to any healthy eating plan.

Managing diabetes and food planning

Following a diabetes food guide allows you to plan your daily food intake and will help you make better food choices, feel better each day and help you control your weight. It divides foods into 6 groups, based on what they provide as far as nutritional value.

Foods that help you keep your blood sugar levels under control, such as grains, beans, and vegetables are recommended in larger amounts and foods that have a tendency to spike blood sugar levels such as sweets are allowed but recommended in smaller amounts during the day. To learn more about diabetes and food planning visit this link https://www.diabetes-management-center.com/diabetes-food-guide.html.

Drinks and diabetes

It is common to hear discussions about diabetes and food and how they are linked together, what is not as common is to consider how diabetes and beverages are linked yet this is an area that peaks the interest of many researchers.

Beverages that warrant discussion are coffee and alcohol. The study of coffee and diabetes has lead to some very interesting findings. A large review of past research shows evidence that there is a link between habitual coffee consumption and a substantially lower risk of diabetes type 2.

Alcohol and diabetes is another area of interest. In most cases alcohol can be consumed in moderation, but only with a clear understanding of some important facts. For instance, before drinking an alcoholic beverage a diabetic should test his or her blood sugar level and not drink if the level is out-of-control. Visit this article onĀ  Alcohol and diabetes to learn more about how to safely drink.

Diabetes and food seasonings and herbs

Food does not need to be dull and boring to be healthy and by using certain herbs and seasonings you may help lower your blood sugar. Much attention has been placed on the use of cinnamon for diabetescontrol as well as the health benefits of ginseng, yarrow and huckleberries.

"For people with diabetes, it is important to understand what foods are made of so that blood glucose levels can be more easily controlled"(1). When looking at the big picture of diabetes and food selection, it is essential to understand that a balanced and healthy diet can be satisfying and meals and beverages can be enjoyed while enhancing health.

(1) University of Illinois Extention (2010). Why are foods put together in groups. Retrieved from http://urbanext.illinois.edu/diabetes2/subsection.cfm?SubSectionID=16


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