Diabetic Dog Diet – What To Feed Your Diabetic Dog

A diabetic dog diet makes a lot of sense if you consider that with canine diabetes mellitus your pup has trouble controlling his or her blood sugar level. By following a proper diabetic dog diet you will be able to better manage your dog’s condition keeping your beloved pet happy and healthy for years to come.

Canine diabetes mellitus is a condition in which your dog has a high blood sugar level. This can be because your pet’s body does not produce enough insulin, or because his or her body cells do not properly response to the insulin produced. Regardless of the cause, your dog will benefit from a regulated diabetic dog diet.

Follow these diabetic dog diet recommendations:

  1. Feed your dog a diet with a medium to high fiber content. You can add more fiber to your dog’s diet by mixing his or her current dog food with a fiber supplement such as psyllium (Metamucil) or adding pumpkin filling which your dog might enjoy.
  2. A proper diabetic dog diet should be high in complex carbohydrates. Some dog foods will cater to dog’s with health problems such as Science Diet Maintenance Light, Theradiet Reducing (dry), Purina Fit and Trim, and Purina Dog Chow - Low Calorie. Check with your vet for a recommendation that fits your pet’s specific health needs.
  3. Keep your dog’s diet low in sugar. Avoid sugary treats and instead try feeding your dog frozen green beans. These unusual treats are low in sugar and high in fiber and many dogs look forward to these cool snacks.
  4. Keep the fat content of your dog’s diet low. This may mean holding off on certain canned dog foods until you check with your vet and avoiding steak and other fatty meat scraps.
  5. Prevent weight gain. Monitor your pet’s weight and cut back on food intake if your dog begins to gain weight. Obesity in your dog will make his or her diabetes worse.
  6. Regulate feeding time and stick to a daily feeding schedule especially if your dog is receiving insulin.
  7. Monitor your dog’s between meal eating. "Diet control is very essential. If you have other pets at home, try to feed them all at once, according to the set schedule of your diabetic dog. By doing so, you don't run the risk of your sick dog eating out of the bowls of your other healthy pets" (1).

A diabetic dog diet contains the right amount of nutrients to maintain your dog’s healthy blood sugar level. Every dog is different, be sure to discuss your dog’s diet with your veterinarian to meet his or her specific eating needs.

(1) Dog Diabetes Guide (2010). Diet for dogs with diabetes. Retrieved from http://www.diabetesindogs.net/dog-diabetes-diet.php

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