Diabetic Low Carb Diet – Managing Diabetes with Fewer Carbs

Following a Diabetic low carb diet is becoming a topic of interest that is showing up more and more and with some compelling reasons. Your body turns carbohydrates from your diet into sugar. This sugar then moves into your blood.

Managing your blood sugar level is the key to managing your diabetes so it makes sense that lowering your carbohydrate consumption would make a difference in your blood sugar levels.

If you have type 1diabetes, then eating fewer carbohydrates will require less insulin injected into your body. If you have type 2 diabetes, eating fewer carbohydrates will make the pancreas work less hard.

Concerns from the experts about diabetic low carb diets

The experts are not all sold on the value of low carb diets for diabetic patients. Some state that low carb diets are too hard for people to follow for long periods.

Others argue that people on low carb diets may think this is the only method they need to control their blood sugar levels and this will lead them to ignore the advice of their doctors or stop taking medications for diabetes.

Still other experts support the benefits of following a diabetic low carb diet and state that this type of diet is "a simple, effective, low-cost strategy that is proven to work with diabetes: reduce the amount of sugar and starch in the diet."(1)

Tips for following a diabetic low carb diet

Though following a low carb diet may help you manage your blood sugar level, you should not just jump into this or any diet change. Discuss your plan with your doctor to prevent any complications and follow the guidelines below if you do begin a low carb diet plan.

  1. Monitor your blood sugar levels closely while on the diet.
  2. If you are feeling dizzy or shaky contact your doctor, your body may be feeling the effects of low sugar or low salt.
  3. Eat at least every three hours during the day by breaking your food intake into 4 to 6 small meals.

The more you can learn about how foods affect your body and your diabetes the better. Consult your doctor today to decide if a diabetic low carb diet is right for you.

(1) The British Journal of General Practice (2005). Low carbohydrate diets for diabetes control. Retrieved from http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1570767/

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