Diabetic Weight Loss Diets – How to enjoy good foods while you manage diabetes?

Diabetic weight loss diets may hold the key to your better health. If you are overweight you are increasing the risk of serious complications such as heart attack, stroke, eye disorder and kidney or nervous system damage.

All good diabetic weight loss diets have the following things in common:

  • They are designed to help you manage your blood sugar levels.
  • They allow for a variety of different foods to help you avoid boredom.
  • They allow you to work into your diet small treats to keep your diet interesting and help you avoid feeling deprived.

Guidelines for following diabetic weight loss diets.

Follow these guidelines for diabetic weight loss diets will give you the reassurance that you are making wise food choices that help you control your diabetes.

  1. Set realistic goals. You do not need to lose the weight fast.
  2. Keep in mind that your number one goal is to keep your blood sugar levels in the target range.
  3. Enjoy smaller meals through out the day. Aim for 4 to 6 small meals each day.
  4. Plan ahead. Know what your meals and snacks will be for tomorrow.
  5. Stick to a simple plan. The more complicated your eating becomes the harder it will be to follow.
  6. Slow down and enjoy your meals and snacks. You will find you stay satisfied on less food.
  7. Limit foods high in saturated fat, salt, sugar and calories but allow some to avoid feeling deprived.

Diabetic weight loss diets are a significant tool in the fight for better health. "A large study, called the Diabetes Prevention Program, showed that if people at risk for type 2 diabetes lost a small amount of weight and became more active for three years they could prevent or delay type 2 diabetes"(1).

A diabetic diet to lose weight for you may look different than others due to factors including your body size and specific health needs. You can benefit from consulting with a registered dietician and you may want to view a 1200 calorie diabetic diet plan to get a better idea of a good food plan.

If you have diabetes mellitus you can benefit greatly from the loss of just 10 to 15 pounds. This weight loss can leave you feeling more energetic, and lower your blood sugar and blood pressure and improve your blood fat profile – all factors leading to better overall health.

1) American Diabetes Association (2010). Healthy weight loss. Retrieved from http://www.diabetes.org/food-and-fitness/fitness/weight-loss/healthy-weight-loss.html

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