Signs and Symptoms Diabetes Mellitus – What To Look For

The signs and symptoms diabetes mellitus can be easily overlooked especially in type 2 diabetes in which symptoms typically develop slowly over time. Because signs and symptoms can be difficult to detect it is important for every individual to learn the signs of diabetes to avoid serious health complications that can develop.

Signs and symptoms of diabetes mellitus – recognizing the disease

Signs and symptoms diabetes mellitus include:

  1. Excessive thirst that if difficult to quench. Diabetes mellitus causes blood sugar levels to stay elevated. Because sugar is highly concentrated in the blood it can pull fluids out of the body to dilute the sugar leaving the person with chronic thirst.
  2. Excessive trips to the bathroom. The chronically elevated blood sugar levels cause excess sugar to spill out of the blood and into the urine. This excess sugar pulls water along with it leading to more frequent urination.
  3. Excessive hunger. Sugar, which is used as fuel by the body, cannot move from the blood to the cells. The cells are starved of nutrients and send a signal to the hunger centers to eat more.
  4. Unexplainable weight loss. The excessive hunger does not necessarily lead to weight gain; in fact, one symptom of diabetes is unexplainable weight loss. Weight can drop because the muscles and fat stores are not getting fueled and decrease in size.
  5. Chronic fatigue. Weakness and fatigue can results due to the body cells being deprived of fuel.
  6. Blurred vision. If blood sugar levels are too high, fluids can get pulled from the lenses of the eye leading to blurred vision.
  7. Dry, itchy skin or dark patches noticed in the folds and creases of the neck and armpits may be signs of diabetes.

Taking your next step

It is important to contact your doctor if you notice any of these signs and symptoms of diabetes mellitus especially if you are overweight or lead an inactive lifestyle as these factors increase the risk of developing diabetes mellitus 2.

The signs and symptoms diabetes mellitus are similar for the main types of diabetes. The difference is in the way symptoms present. In type 1 diabetes symptoms develop quickly over a short period of time, in type 2 symptoms have a more gradual onset making them more difficult to detect.

Gestational diabetes shares a similar symptom profile however this condition is only presents in pregnant women. About 2%–5% of all pregnant women have gestational diabetes – however the symptoms may improve or completely disappear after the pregnancy.

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